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October, 24 years ago. Ring any bells?

Created by amajor pain September 18, 2011 - Category: Personal - Tags: #markets  #crash  #black monday 
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We maybe on the verge of a re-visitation with the upcoming 24th Anniversary of Black Monday.

But this didn't just happen all in one day. There was buildup. We could go further back, or look step a little at a time. So...
Friday, October 16, 1987.
The headlines seemed typical. We knew about most of this stuff:
Chicago Tribune
Los Angeles Times

Looking to the Next Nominee : If Reagan Wants to Win, He Must Take Gloves Off

"Psychologist to Assist Girl Charged With Slaying Her Newborn Infant"

"FINANCIAL MARKETS : Commodities : Precious Metals Gain as Stocks, Bonds Decline"

Well not so typical. Some of that stuff was unusual.
Anyway that was leading up to ...October 19, 1987 ...Black Monday:
Here's a look back from a 2008 view:
LA Times

Black Monday, 1987

Then there is:
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Analyzing the 1987 market meltdown

Also the Wall Street Journal:

Two Terrible Days


Stocks Plummet 508 Amid Panicky Selling

This list would not be complete without the self-absolution of the FED:
A Brief History of the 1987 Stock Market Crash

1 comment
  • amajor pain
    amajor pain Don't get me wrong please. Ain't trying to start anything.
    Just saying be prepared for the avoidable but inevitable.
    The difference between now and then:
    Way too much run-up then without a correction....  more
    September 18, 2011