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Murals on Government @ Library of Congress, DC

  • During my tour of Washington DC I visited the Library of Congress, Thomas Jefferson building. It is a beautiful building of marble floors and walls, with painted and tiled ceilings & wall tops. This building a must see when in DC. You can get to it via an air conditioned tunnel from the Capital building.


    I found five interesting murals by Elihu Vedder concerning government and what good and corrupt legislation leads to.


    1. The center mural addressed stable "Government":





    2. The mural to the left (how appropriate) addresses “Corrupt Legislation”:




    Notice Lady Liberty being bought off, the urn of votes fallen and spilled, the citizen going to government for answers to their problems, the crumbling walls and dirty industry.



    3. Further to the left is "Anarchy" with everything falling apart.




    Everything in disarray, nothing getting done and the Constitution burning in her hand.



    4. To the right is "Good legislation":




    The balance is level, workers are filling the urn, educated citizens are voting and legislation is transparent.



    5. #4 leads further right to "Peace and Prosperity":






    And here are a few more:



    Mosaic of "Minerva" the Roman Goddess of learning and wisdom by Elihu Vedder










    "Religion" mural from the Family and Education series by Charles Sprague Pearce




    Library of Congress pictures: