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  •   Success, Adversity & Sandcastles   Posted on August 22, 2014by Chip Murray   “Time and Time Again…” Adversity: a difficult situation or condition: misfortune or tragedy: a state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misf...
  • Hatred under the guise of humanitarian: Doctors are connected to terrorist organizations from:,7340,L-4557515,00.html   Foreign doctors and international medical organizations operating in Gaza financing of terrorist organizations and humanitarian halo using ...
  • Thu at 12:07 PM
    Posted by reem ak
    The Gates of Hades are open and the Hounds of Hell let loose. They are raping, torturing and beheading their way through Iraq and Syria, killing everyone who stands in their way – Americans, Christians, even their fellow Muslims. We can’t negotiate with them, or buy them off, or contain ...
  • While relatively inconsequential celebrity gossip and sports scores make headlines and consume hours of radio and television broadcast time, its amazing to see what critical news goes unnoticed. Seemingly wrapped in a proverbial "plain brown wrapper" like some embarrassing prescription or marital ...


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