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  • Al-Qaeda 'bomb maker' Ibrahim al-Asiri Ibrahim al-Asiri was first named on a Saudi wanted list in February 2009 Continue reading the main story Related Stories Yemen hunts parcel bomb suspects Dubai bomb flew on passenger jets In pictures: Plane bomb plot Ibrahim Hassan Tali al-Asiri ...
  •   Lucky Lindy, Brother Love, and the “Dignity” of Marriage   Posted on September 2, 2014by Chip Murray     Archimedes (c. 287 BC–c. 212 BC) Moving the World Needing a Place to Stand to Accomplish the Task In order for same-sex ...
  • from: He had a good job and a loving family, but it wasn't enough for a 25-year old Jordanian who abandoned his life of privilege in Amman to join ISIS group that has seized swathes of n...
  •   Obama’s “we-don’t-have-a-strategy” gaffe was so egregious as to distract attention from the fact that he does indeed have a strategy, which has blown up in his face. His strategy is accommodation with Iran at all costs. As I wrote earlier this month, our ISIS pro...


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